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For many homeowners, flood insurance may be a worthwhile investment — especially if you live in an area where the risk of flooding is high. This type of policy can provide funds for cleanup efforts and the repair or replacement of damaged items, including the home itself. READ MORE >>

Posted by Glenn Brisotti on 11/13/15 We do get quite a few calls from current clients as well as new customers about classic car insurance, which is great since we specialize in it, but something most consumers don’t realize is that most classic and antique policies are not designed to cover your daily commute. READ MORE >>

Umbrella insurance isn't always the first choice for many individuals or business professionals, but it should not be overlooked. Many people don't realize the value it can offer in everyday life. This type of insurance provides more coverage than a traditional auto, home or business insurance plan does. READ MORE >>

A lot of renters skip out on buying renters insurance, thinking that their landlord's policy will cover them. But it usually doesn't; and even if it did, you can't go wrong with spending the equivalent of a few happy hour drinks on a policy. There's too much uncertainty in life and, try as you may, you can't control everything. READ MORE >>

When you're riding a motorcycle, it's a given that you'll be exposed to a number of dangerous road conditions and situations. As such, it's important to be aware of everything going on around you to keep yourself safe. As a driver, staying on the defense is a top priority. READ MORE >>

Having a boat is a big responsibility, but knowing how to stay safe and protect your investment is equally important. Most people don't realize how crucial boat insurance is when faced with a tragedy. Here are a few basics that will help you understand why you shouldn't go without it. READ MORE >>

When you purchase a business insurance policy, it's your hope that you never need to make use of it, but you can't control something as random as a natural disaster. Mother Nature doesn't give much, if any, warning about floods, heavy storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, hail storms and lightning. READ MORE >>

What many homeowners do not realize is that flood coverage is not included in a standard home insurance policy. You will need to either add this coverage onto your policy or purchase separate flood insurance. But is it really necessary? You may think that you don't need flood coverage if you don't live near a body of water or in a flood zone. READ MORE >>

Many part-time campers can obtain RV insurance that is very inexpensive. Sometimes the price of a premium for them can be so low that it seems more comparable to motorcycle insurance than auto insurance. Those rates are based on the fact that the RV will be parked on your property or on a storage lot most of the year. READ MORE >>

What happens when someone is hurt on your property? The injured person might decide to file a lawsuit against you. It's also possible that he or she will send you his doctor bills; and if you pay them, that could be the end of it. But what if you don't have the extra cash to pay someone else's medical expenses? READ MORE >>

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